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Opal Essence

Queensland Boulder Opal Matrix Beads 12mm

Queensland Boulder Opal Matrix Beads 12mm

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 Queensland Boulder Opal Matrix Beads 12mm

These stunning natural opal strand shows off electric multicolours .The bright colours flash amongst the sturdy dark boulder stone mined in Queensland. This strand is perfect as it is or it could be split up and use as single focal beads. If kept as a strand it will need to be strung by your jeweller.

I have added a couple of videos to show you how it picks up the colour from the sky through the window. This strand is one for the opal collector.

Bead size : Approximately 12mm . 34 opal beads

Length of strand : 400mm or 15.75 inches

Total weight of strand : 85.87 grams or 429.35 cts

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