Our Story

Opal Essence was established in 1986, conducting both local trade and exporting to many overseas destinations.

I am Nicole Willis, the Manager of Opal Essence and I first became addicted to opals when I went to Coober Pedy at the age of 7.

My family has for some time been involved with opal mining and trading.

As soon as I completed my studies, Opal Essence was founded and many long term client relationships were formed.

I have traded from potch and colour through to the most magnificent pieces of crystal, Queensland boulder and black opal. For the past few years America has been an annual destination for me to visit with enthusiasts, jewellers, hobbyists and manufacturers.

Opal Essence believes its substance and success is due to trust and good communication with all customers. So if you are an opal enthusiast like myself and want either potch to practice your cutting on or you have reached the point of no return and desire opal with exquisite radiance then feel free to contact us. I am sure we will be able to satisfy your opal needs with a guarantee of a full cash refund providing the rough opal hasn’t been cut.

Opal Origins

Opal Essence opals are sourced mainly from South Australia. We stock the famous Coober Pedy, Andamooka, Lambina and Mintabie opals. We also stock opals from Lightning Ridge NSW and Queensland boulder opals.

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Hope to hear from you:)