Collection: Andamooka Treated Opal Matrix

In case you are unfamiliar with Andamooka matrix opal I can explain a little bit about it. Before I start, I must explain there are many different meanings of matrix depending on which opal region the opals are mined. Queensland boulder matrix and Lightning Ridge matrix are very different to Andamooka matrix opal.

When Andamooka matrix opal is mined it is pale in colour. Over the years the discovery was made that a simple cooking process with sugar and acid could penetrate the porous stone and change it from white to black, at the same time intensifying the original pale colours. 

We also have rough matrix opal and can share the recipe if you would like to try the process yourself. It's a popular opal because you can have the black opal look without the black opal price tag.

Rainbow matrix is something different again. It is slightly more coarse and harder to polish. Liquid glass is often used to finish off the highly polished look.

If you have any other questions I would love you to message me.

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