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Large Australian opal potch cameo carving.

Large Australian opal potch cameo carving.

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Large Australian opal potch cameo carving on stand.

Beautiful black potch opal that has been expertly carved. Showing off lovely details.

Talented craftsmanship. Highly polished.

On a wooden stand and in original box.

Measures :  77 x 55 mm or 3.03" x 2.16"

Weighs : 573 ct

All measurements are approximate.

People began to collect cameos as signs of cultural status as they were inspired by the royal cameo collectors, Queen Victoria and Emperor Napoleon.

Did you know? Cameo is the Italian word that means to engrave. It has driven from the Hebrew or the Arabic word "Kamea" which means charm, lucky charm, or amulet. Folklore says the mystic property of the cameos' is to attract health, happiness and good fortune in life. 

Ref # 1423

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